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There is no silver bullet to change the world, but educating women is like silver buckshot.

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There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

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We never know the worth of water till the well is dirty.

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Money alone does not buy better health. Good policies that promote equity have a better chance.

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Good Artisans, even hidden & isolated, will soon find the buyers…step ahead for e-entrepreneurship

The best social initiative is created by heart and build by mind – Shahzad Bukhari

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Action CSR

ACVG – Association of Career Counseling and Vocational Guidance

Empowering youth for the right career is considered Actions’ social responsibility.  We have established the first-ever Association of Career Counseling and Vocational Guidance – ACVG (with a special focus on girls and female counseling) in Pakistan and trained a number of universities, colleges, schools, CSOs and technical institutions to add career planning and management techniques in their existing courses.  We offer free career counseling, planning, development and management session in universities, colleges, technical institutions, the corporate sector, and communities.

VCEELA – A social Enterprise of Action Consulting

VCEELA is a e-commerce initiative of a team of young students and professionals mentor and supported by ACTION Consulting. Based on the years of community development experience and realization that the artisans (especially female) of rural community in Pakistan need a support to reach end users/consumer to market their product.  These artisans are not get the right price of their products due to lack of marketing skills, exposure and economic trends.   VCEELA is the answer of all these questions.   VCEELA is the social enterprise to link the local artisans to the national and international marketing with maximum profitability. VCEELA has registered and supported 000 artisans in 000 categories from all over the Pakistan to have their e-presence and trained them to manager their sky shops.

RTC – RESORUCE – The Trainers Collection

Building capacities is the key concern of organization and human resource department.  There is a range of trainers in corporate, social and education sector but unfortunately there is not a single organization who provide the customized trainers and training gadgets to make the event productive and increase the efficiency.  Since Action is the training and consulting organization, and serving in the sector since decades, knows exactly requirements of the trainers.  Action is introducing a range of products e.g. workshop stationery for event managements, trainer’s gadgets for efficient delivery, trainees stationery for productive learning and take away. 

HARIS – A technology innovation center

Team HARIS is consists of three dynamic Yusufi brothers (Waqas, Uzair and Umair), with innovative ideas to bring technology and automation in common person life without heavy investments.  Their ideas are low in cost but high in efficiency.  The have a blend of their own ideas and customization of innovative products (from china) as per local needs.  Action is providing maximum support introduce low cost efficiencies to industrial and corporate sectors.

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