Texting Ladies

The way the contemporary Booty Call decreases

We’ve all got that friend exactly who can’t put their telephone down at the club. The guy that’s got eight text conversations with girls taking place simultaneously. You are attempting to pick black hook up brand new girls, and he’s just trying to nail down the people he is currently had gotten. You aren’t pleased. He is becoming a sh*tty wingman. But you’ll have to him — the text-message-to-bedroom method often works. Often it does not. Often you can get closed. And sometimes your ex you are speaking with takes it in a completely various direction. Nonetheless it takes way less undertaking than trying to grab from the club.

We’re looking for some genuine text-message exchanges that skate around a relationship or sex concern. The ones you have at 2 a.m. that begin with, “Hey :)” and somehow find yourself garnering an answer from the woman on the other hand — whether positive or adverse.

Here are some instances from… ahem… some dudes we realize.