Quality Schools Foundation is a professionally managed, non-profit organisation. It is a public company limited by guarantee, set up under a licence from Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance, 1984. Quality Schools Foundation has been registered with Joint Registrar of Companies under Registration No. L -10791 of 2001-2002. A firm of chartered accountants audit the accounts of Quality Schools Foundation, and the audited accounts are published for the information of general public.


Quality Schools Foundation has been founded on the principle that affordable quality education is a fundamental right of every child in a civilized society. The mission of Quality Schools Foundation is to promote quality education among girls in underprivileged areas.


The Foundation was registered and setup in 2002 with its offices located at Getmells Motel, Rawalpindi. The first school was established in 2003 at Misrial Road, Rawalpindi Cantt, as a public service facility for the female children of the local community. The School has a specially designed three storey building. The total covered area of the building exceeds 36,000 square feet. The school building provides pleasant environment for efficient and effective academic and Co-cultural activities.


The second school was established at WAH Cantonment in 2006. A piece of land for school building was provided by POF Wah in 2005. A two story building with a covered area of 36000 Square feet with all facilities needed for a purpose built school were ensured in the building. The school started functioning in 2006.This School was dedicated to all the parents. In 2015 intermediate classes were started in the school and two storey separate block has been added to the building with all the facilities for the purpose. Quality School Wah is now known as Quality School and College Wah.


The third school was constructed at CHAKRA, Rawalpindi. The work on school construction was started in 2015 and classes from Pre-KG to 8th Class commended in 2016. The design of the building is quite similar to our first school at Misrial, Rawalpindi having three storey’s.