Except kindergarten, students of all other classes are required to wear the prescribed school uniform while attending school. The details of the uniform can be obtained from school office.

The students are not allowed to wear any kind of jewellery or cosmetics with the school uniform.


Students must regularly attend their classes, practicals, club activities, and morning assembly. Absence will be authorized only on medical or other genuine grounds if requested through parents or guardians. Unauthorised absence will be subject to a fine of Rs. 5/- per day. Habitual absence may be subject to suitable disciplinary action.

A student whose aggregate attendance in lectures and practicals falls below 75% will not be promoted or allowed to appear in Board examination.


Visitors are not allowed to visit classrooms or to deal directly with the teachers without specific invitation from the School administration. For official business, visitors may meet the Principal during working hours.

Other Rules

It is obligatory for students to abide by the rules of the school. Conduct that in the judgment of the Principal lowers the prestige of the school, and disrupts the smooth running of the institution, or exerts unwholesome influence over other students will be dealt with severely. A student displaying such conduct may be dropped from the school roll, rusticated, expelled, or told to leave the school under compulsory migration.

  1. A student desiring to leave the school must apply in writing. Her parents or guardians must sign the application.
  2. No one will be admitted to school unless she has signed the declaration of good conduct, and has paid all dues.
  3. Students of class 12 who have failed in the final examination will not be readmitted.
  4. Students are not allowed to invite or see visitors in the School premises.
  5. Students found guilty of disobedience, rudeness to the school staff, or leaving the school during school hours without the permission of the Principal will be dropped from the School roll without any notice to the parents.
  6. Students responsible for damage to the school property or property of other students will be required to replace the item(s) or fined appropriately.
  1. Complaints must be lodged with the Principal and not with the staff members.
  2. Permission of field trips arranged by the school is asked from the parents in writing. The school will take all due care but assumes no responsibility.
  3. The students are not permitted to hold private functions in school premises.
  4. Students must be punctual.
  5. Students who come to the school within 30 minutes of the school opening time will be marked ‘late’. Two ‘late’ marks will be considered as one absence.
  6. Students who come to the school later than 30 minutes of the school opening time will be marked ‘absent’. Such students will be allowed to attend classes if they so desire.
  7. Students having untidy or unkempt appearance will be formally warned. Any subsequent violation will result in a fine of Rs.I0/- per day.
  8. Students will not use abusive or intemperate language in school area or in the presence of teachers or students at any place.
  9. Students will not litter. Classrooms and school area must be kept clean. Students will be fined for littering.
  10. Students will co-operate with their teachers, school management, and other students for achieving high standard of education and character development.
  11. Students must conduct themselves with honour, dignity and grace. Cheating or dishonest conduct of any kind will be a serious violation of school rules and will be dealt with severely.
  12. Students will not bring mobile phones to the school.
  13. Golden rule for conduct in Quality School is that students behave with others, as they would like others to behave with them in similar circumstances.